Travel Thursday

Travel Tuesday | The Spectator

My best friend from college is getting married this September in Tuscany, but before she gets hitched we are all meeting in Charleston to celebrate her bachelorette. Having never been to Charleston I am very excited to visit this quaint town that I have heard nothing but rave reviews about. While there is plenty to do in Charleston such as, experience the Neoclassical architecture that abounds, eat at the many world renowned restaurants, wander through some of the country's oldest gardens, and shop along King Street, I am very excited to check out the Spectator Hotel. 

Currently listed as the number one hotel in the US it is conveniently located between Charleston's French Quarter and the Market Street Districts. A very boutique hotel- there are only 41 rooms, the hotel exudes roaring 20's throughout and its charm and lux can be fully credited to lead designer Jenny Keenan. 


What to do in Charleston?

Travel Thursday | Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco in Tuscany

When I was in college - my parents - like most reasonable parents, enforced a monthly budget to help me prepare for the real world but with one exception. They did not want my allowance to hinder my ability to travel and generously told me that I could travel wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. (They did make it clear that I was NOT to stay at the Four Seasons ANYWHERE – like I said they were reasonable parents :) .)

I spent a summer in London before my senior year of college and tested my parents on their offer- visiting 13 cities in 8 weeks. As an interior designer traveling the world, visiting museums, embracing the architecture of ancient cities, and indulging in hotel interiors goes beyond a "vacation". I truly find it essential to my betterment as a designer. Good design is so much based on scale and the harmonious composition of one item with the next, one fabric with another, etc... which may require an innate understanding but also requires a training of the eyes which can be done through seeing and absorbing. To me traveling and exploring is an education in it of itself and so every opportunity to travel I seize without hesitation. 

Europe is one of my favorite destinations (I was actually born in Europe - St. Petersburg before the collapse of the U.S.S.R) and am thrilled to be returning to Italy this September for my best friend's wedding. 

In searching for hotels to stay in Tuscany the Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco came highly recommended. The hotel was recently renovated so there is no doubt it is in pristine condition, but I never want to sacrifice old world charm for modern luxuries. I should have known, as the estate was founded by Massimo Ferragamo, the chairman of leather fashion brand Ferragamo USA., that this 800 year old wine estate was only enhanced by the renovations.