katie leede

WO(man) Crush Wednesday

I once asked Katie Leede, my first interior boss lady, how she became so good at what she does - how she knew all the details she did, and how she constantly was able to pull ideas out of thin air, each one better than the next. Katie, who technically did not have any formal training in interior design (goes to show born with talent supersedes what you can learn) replied simply- I study all the best. She picked up a design book, opened it up to a random page and walked me through what her eyes saw. She pointed out the turkish corner the designer used on the sofa pillows, the bullion fringe that enveloped the sofa, a coffee table that clearly had been hand carved, and went on and on and on, pointing out such intricate details that my inexperienced eye never would have really noticed. 

I learned a lot working for Katie, but this lesson to learn from others by carefully studying their work really resonated. My home is overflowing with design books and I never miss a chance to open up a book and dissect what I see in front of me. Every intern/ assistant designer I have trained, I have taught to do the same. I stress to them the importance of learning from other designers. Seeing what you like and DON'T like and really paying attention to the minutia. 

It is this lesson I learned from Katie that inspired me to dedicate an entire day (Wednesday's) to my Women and Men interior designer crush's. And, it is only appropriate that the first goes to Katie Leede of Katie Leede Studio (formerly Digs by Katie).