Steve Geiszler

Friday's Finds | The Rug Company

Two years ago when I was contemplating moving back to San Francisco or staying in New York City I realized my decision really needed to be based on where I saw myself building my business and my brand. NYC in my humble opinion is the mecca of the design industry and as grateful and fortunate that I am to have started my design career under the wing of Katie Leede, I knew I needed a change. LA was also an option but my fear of getting stuck on the 405, in traffic, and needing to go to the bathroom, really deterred any permanent relocation. In the end I decided for a West Coast return. I felt strongly that San Francisco was still developing as a design destination and that as a young beginning designer I would have a decent amount of opportunity + the benefit of my family and childhood friends to support me on my venture. 

With the recent openings of several more fashion forward stores (Intermix, finally!), Reformation, and more importantly design showrooms such as de Gournay and the Rug Company, I can confidently say, I was on to something. While San Francisco is not quite yet the fashion or design destination that other cities around the world may be I certainly do think it is setting itself up to become a contender. 

I had the pleasure of spending a long morning at the recently opened The Rug Company and was enamored by the beautiful showroom. The showroom was designed by The Rug Company's internal design team based in London with the help of architect Steve Geiszler and contractor's Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders. The team did a beautiful job and the team working there, comprised of Jessica Herzog and my former rep at Lee Jofa, Marcie, are friendly, hospitable, and very clearly happy to be representing such a fabulous brand in such a beautiful setting.  

The building itself - 722 Montgomery St. has a unique history as it was vacant for many years. A historic landmark famed as the former office space of Marvin Belli, the infamous SF attorney who was known for disturbing the peace when he would light a canon off the roof after each victory. His 6th wife inherited the property after he passed away and the building was vacant after the 1989 earthquake due to all the damage. 30 years later it was finally restored and now as of May 2016 home to my faved – The Rug Company. 

A few professional eye candy images below (photo cred to EdRitger|Photographer and then a few i-phone snapshots of a few rugs that I am dying to purchase for myself and OR! for clients!