New York

Wo(man) Crush Wednesday | Katie Ridder

I've got a major #WCW on Katie Ridder, who is known to grace the Top 100 List of all my favorite publications- House beautiful, Elle Decor, NY Magazine to name a few.  Her style is so distinctive - fusing color, culture, texture,  time periods, materials, - she is the ultimate master of the Mix! 

Furthermore, her custom pieces are layered with detail upon detail - she has a meticulous eye for it! Sometimes I carefully study her work to try to extrapolate all the layers she uses and am overwhelmed by how many different resources she uses to create one piece- that's why each piece she crafts is so unique and in turn, each project so different from the other and equally bespoke. 

Additionally, Katie has developed an amazing textile/wallpaper line. I have yet to meet a client who has not fallen in love with her "Turtle Bay", just goes to show that despite having a unique flair she is incredibly universal. 


Katie Ridder Fabrics and Wallpapers