Kelly Wearstler

Wo(man) Crush Wednesday

Most interior designers will tell you - they just knew they wanted to be interior designers when they grew up and I am no exception. I distinctly remember telling my mom at the age of 7 that when I grew up "I wanted to be an interior designer!" . My mother, a doctor, who followed in the path of 7 generations of doctors, and my dad, a doctor as well, from 9 generations of doctors, could not understand how I could be anything but a doctor (hence my short stint as a "lawyer"). So they scoffed at the idea of me becoming an interior designer. In college I did not study anything related to interior design and it was not until I graduated from college that I realized I still really wanted to be an interior designer. I figured now was a time as good as ever to pursue my real passion and it was then that I started obsessing over interior designers, absorbing everything I could from their websites and design books, and developing major #womancrushes on the designers I admired most.  My crushes are constantly changing but Kelly Wearstler was my first true design crush. Her style is so bold, so unique, so innovative - it never ceases to puzzle me HOW she comes up with what she does. My style is definitely less bold than Kelly's but I always appreciate and admire each of her projects. 

Evergreen Residence

Seal Beach Residences

BG at Bergdorf Goodman