Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday | Bunny Williams

Almost always when I begin a new project and need some inspiration I find myself perusing the website of Bunny Williams.  Before starting her own firm in 1988, Bunny learned from the best in the business- having worked for Parish- Hadley Associates for 22 years before venturing out on her own.

Bunny is the master of creating spaces that are actually livable. Although she was schooled in "the classics, restraint and appropriateness" all of which "are hallmarks of Bunny's style" NEVER is a coffee tables too far away from the sofa, and never does a seat not have a place to rest a drink. She truly takes the time to think HOW someone will be utilizing the space and how to make it realistic in use. As a designer who works mainly on primary homes this is something my clients always stress- wanting a home that is comfortable. 

Bunny has been expanding her interior design empire. I was sad to learn that Treillage on the Upper East Side closed but a woman can't do it all! and Bunny has several books, a furniture line, a fabric collab with Lee Jofa, and clients all over the world. No idea how she does it all but I am glad she does as I source from her quite often. 

Check out Bunny's work below - always original, always classic, always timeless. 

Bunny Williams Fabrics | Lee Jofa 

Wo(man) Crush Wednesday | Katie Ridder

I've got a major #WCW on Katie Ridder, who is known to grace the Top 100 List of all my favorite publications- House beautiful, Elle Decor, NY Magazine to name a few.  Her style is so distinctive - fusing color, culture, texture,  time periods, materials, - she is the ultimate master of the Mix! 

Furthermore, her custom pieces are layered with detail upon detail - she has a meticulous eye for it! Sometimes I carefully study her work to try to extrapolate all the layers she uses and am overwhelmed by how many different resources she uses to create one piece- that's why each piece she crafts is so unique and in turn, each project so different from the other and equally bespoke. 

Additionally, Katie has developed an amazing textile/wallpaper line. I have yet to meet a client who has not fallen in love with her "Turtle Bay", just goes to show that despite having a unique flair she is incredibly universal. 


Katie Ridder Fabrics and Wallpapers

(Man) Crush Wednesday | SF's own Ken Fulk

I mentioned in yesterday's post  that Kips Bay Showhouse announced it's list of designers at the gala Monday night and I was thrilled to see that San Francisco's very own Ken Fulk will be participating. 

One of the hottest designers in San Francisco, Ken Fulk does it all - from commercial to residential spaces, weddings, events, and furniture.  Ken is best known for his creative and dramatic spaces all furnished in a combination of antique, vintage pieces, modern art, and always complete with a touch of taxidermy.  

The best appointed restaurant's in San Francisco all bear Fulk's touch - Leo's Oyster Bar, Marlowe, and of course The Battery, to name a few. 

For these reasons, Mr. Fulk is my man crush this Wednesday and I am anxiously anticipating what he does at Kips Bay! - off to purchase my flights before I forget but just a sampling of Fulk's brilliance below!

Wo(man) Crush Wednesday

Most interior designers will tell you - they just knew they wanted to be interior designers when they grew up and I am no exception. I distinctly remember telling my mom at the age of 7 that when I grew up "I wanted to be an interior designer!" . My mother, a doctor, who followed in the path of 7 generations of doctors, and my dad, a doctor as well, from 9 generations of doctors, could not understand how I could be anything but a doctor (hence my short stint as a "lawyer"). So they scoffed at the idea of me becoming an interior designer. In college I did not study anything related to interior design and it was not until I graduated from college that I realized I still really wanted to be an interior designer. I figured now was a time as good as ever to pursue my real passion and it was then that I started obsessing over interior designers, absorbing everything I could from their websites and design books, and developing major #womancrushes on the designers I admired most.  My crushes are constantly changing but Kelly Wearstler was my first true design crush. Her style is so bold, so unique, so innovative - it never ceases to puzzle me HOW she comes up with what she does. My style is definitely less bold than Kelly's but I always appreciate and admire each of her projects. 

Evergreen Residence

Seal Beach Residences

BG at Bergdorf Goodman