Friday's Find | House Beautiful

It's been about a week since a friend from Vanderbilt (who I have not seen since Freshman year!) texted me a photo of the House Beautiful spread. I was totally caught off guard since I had not been expecting the issue to come out until the end of August and had not even seen a preview of the spread. I knew of course that there was a possibility of #launderinginthelapofluxury being in the issue but I was hesitant to believe it until I actually saw it. BUT THERE IT WAS! 

The SF Decorator Showcase (  is such an amazing organization and charity - not to mention, great exposure for designers. Because it is so renown in our area I knew that there would be some sort of local press involvement but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the room would be featured in House Beautiful - a top favorite magazine of mine! It truly is a #designerdream come true.  

So incredibly grateful that the Design Advisory Board saw through my black and white rendering to select my design for submission and equally grateful to all those that supported the cause with their time and monetary contributions. I never could have done this without Sam Diosdado of Sidney Construction, Julie Lloyd of Clive Christiansen, Stephanie Kaslow, Chroma Colors, Kohler, de Gournay, WCD, Ferguson, Soane, Artistic Tile, Country Floors, Biro & Sons, Orellano Fabrication, New Marble, Jessie Black, Anthem, Barbaraz Embroidery, Lee Jofa, Kneedler Fauchere, Villa Verde, Waterworks, Jenny Bittner, Kim Gonthier and Lisa Davis PR, and my friends and family who had to listen about showcase for months on end. 

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