Travel Tuesday | Tulum

For my most recent birthday my darling boyfriend wanted to indulge me in a beach vacation. With his crazy work schedule time was not in our favor so finding a destination with minimal travel was a must. I had been dying to go to Tulum and with a red eye as a flight option it turned out to be the perfect destination for our schedules. 

With Tulum being such a hot spot these days our hotel selection was somewhat limited (Tulum hotels have approximately 20 rooms per hotel so the most coveted ones book up WAY in advance). My Miami bestie had just returned (engaged!) from Tulum and had stayed at Mi Amore and highly suggested it. We booked blindly based on her rave reviews and did not realize our hotel lacked beach access until it was too late to find an alternative. 

A major beach fanatic I was disappointed, but this disappointment only lasted until we arrived at Mi Amore and saw firsthand what a gem our hotel was. Mi Amore is nestled upon the rocks overlooking the ocean and the views and grounds are superb. The staff was so attentive and the complimentary breakfast every morning was our favorite. Mi Amore has several sister hotels one which was two minutes walking distance (Mezzanine) and had prime beach access so our beach situation was a complete non-issue.  We spent another day at a different sister hotel- Le Zebra- and had the best mojitos, not to be missed!

Tulum in general is miles of sandy white beaches and turquoise water that I had only seen before in the Bahamas. The restaurant scene is incredible with every meal being better than the next. Each evening we would venture into town for drinks and dinner - (a ten minute cab ride from Mi Amore). The spots we checked out included Chef's Table (an intimate dinner for a group of 10), Posada Margherita (Italian cuisine beach side), and Arka (more of a Miami vibe)- each noteworthy and highly recommended. 

As for architecture! – The Mayan ruins, which are walking distance from Mi Amore, are due a visit. Besides mind blowing that these were built in the 13th century and still stand (somewhat) today the views are incredible - similar to Mi Amore but even better.

For those of you who have yet to make it to Tulum, I highly suggest it - eye candy below. We stayed for 4 nights and managed to do  almost everything we wanted (besides Stand up Paddle Boarding) but are already planning our next visit.