Dina Bandman always knew she wanted to be an interior designer, but her path to design was not ordinary. After completing an undergraduate degree at Vanderbilt University, Dina went to law school and earned her J.D degree in New York before ultimately deciding to follow her passion for interior design.

She went on to study Interior Design at New York’s acclaimed Art Institute and began working with Katie Leede of Digs by Katie (now Katie Leede studio). A former Old Hollywood fanatic, Dina was inspired by Katie’s more boho, eclectic, and vibrant aesthetic-- an experience to which she credits her knowledge and appreciation for a wide range of interior styles and antiques. In 2015, she relocated to San Francisco and went to work alongside Shelley Cahan of Shelley & Company until ultimately deciding to set up her own design studio, Dina Bandman Interiors.

Dina’s style embraces all the influences of the cities she has been lucky to call home-- California Cool, Southern Charm, Miami Art Deco, and New York Traditional. She prides herself on her ability to merge disparate styles without sacrificing her client’s needs, creating bespoke spaces infused with individual personality reflective of her clients.  Although she never pursued her law degree past passing the bar, she thanks her degree for making her a better designer - in a world where timelines and tenacity are ever important, she’s brings her ability to be analytical and a critical thinker to the table to deliver stunning projects, on time and on budget.